Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Life OWNED By Empress Licia

What would your pathetic slave life be without me? EYE AM your life minion..Your superior black melanated empress is not here to please you in any way..I've come to traumatize & torture you..To control your miserable ass,dominating & overpowering your life ,keeping you in FEAR of what may come next as I train you.I know your weaknessess & all of them will be used against you.You will SUBMIT totally & immediately.I require obedience from you at all times.So what's it like being owned by me? Well If you are currently being trained by me..YOU know my POWER very well.Those weird & wonderful sensations you get when you LOOK at me are the same sensations that BINDS you to me..With my control over your life,you feel liberated & healed from the mundane shit that plagues you..I take you far away from it all.. gifting you freedom from that life as I control all aspects of you,letting you explore your darkside of fetishes discreetly while becoming mesmerized by my beauty & my style of training.This is just the beginning..breath in ...breath out...relax..your life as my slave..makes your life under control.. EYE AM your balance..YOU KNOW this...everything about me impacts you & makes you weaker.when Empress Licia TAKES over ..she takes over everything.For all the new slaves who just emailed me.. YOU WANT to be owned & that's good but you still will have to prove yourself worthy of my time..I told you fucking losers..that I am taking over everything...I seek only full control over you weirdos..I never waste my time or my mind on anything or anyone unless I have that control..You should have great things to offer me..and a nice income to go with it..Your not working for nothing..YOU are NOW doing it all for me..Visualize & see me happy with your accomplishments  (all the things that you worked hard for going to me)  because your happiness is never a factor..I can care less about you ..YOUR HERE to serve your Empress willingly & to be trained MY this moment you should be buying all my videos in ALL my stores ..pre-training yourself..feeling that pure dominate goddess energy while awaiting my response.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Cuckold White Boy.... Servant Jordan Sends Boyfriend Fat Ass Tribute

I placed him on a specific schedule where he can interact with me.. I do this with all my subs..Jordan has been begging to see my bf with me during one of my our sessions.I didn't refuse because I really don't give a fuck..This is what i do..I love being a natural black dominant goddess to inferior white servants..I love doing what I do..But my bf refused lol..He said "NO! FUCK THAT WHITE FAG"
I told him I wanted to tease  my servant even more & have fun with this "FETISH"..but oh well he still refused.So my slave asked if he could have a photo of us together ...I sent it..I don't know what happened but it triggered something within him..while looking at the photo ..I'm watching him on cam,and he was literally drooling ..and moaning ..acting really weird & trying to touch himself.The idiot can't touch his cock at all because I still have him locked up.All I could do was laugh at how
pathetic he looked.He stated that he was getting very aroused & begged me to take him out of chastity so that he could get a release because he has been locked up for sometime now..So far Jordan has been  obedient & knows how to follow directions when being trained.I told him I would send him the key & release him from chastity if he pays for it.I'm all about me ..using,abusing & manipulating all of my  owned slaves for my amusement & gain.Just as I told him that ,my boyfriend walks in my office ask me something..Jordan hears his voice and starts begging to see him once more.I told him "NO" ..He saids" Empress I wish to serve you both & will do whatever it takes to be completely fucked over by the both of you". Then I said" You are serving us both, you just don't get to see him ,you are not worthy bitch" Next thing you know ,my boyfriend gets behind me on cam & frowns through the camera then walks off. Servant Jordan's mouth dropped,his face was full of amazement lol..I didn't even know my man was gonna do he even took me by surprise.Then Jordan (while on his knees) begs to see him again... and saids seeing me and my man together makes him realize how bad he truly needs to serve a superior black couple & that he wants to dedicate his life to this.I told him to prove it..then he saids"I want you & your man to always be happy while I suffer physically, mentally & financially for the both of you"..I have trained this dumb white boy very well..the few seconds of getting a glimpse at my boyfriend took his servetude to a whole new level.He is so happy to be owned by us.Later that day he sent my man a nice generous tribute amount in the thousands for only a few seconds of seeing him.Jordan is so stupid for us lol..After all that I still have his chastity key & I won't be sending it to him.I will release him when I'm ready..the torture of servant Jordan continues.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

DESTROYING A White Boy's Marriage

When a powerful potent superior BLACK WOMAN like me wants something,I always get it.This is indeed a fetish that I specialize in..One of my absolute favorites. .I am always seeking new white inferiors like YOU ..just so I can ruin you & your pathetic fucking marriage.I know your not happy within your marriage bitch or you wouldn't even be here..Your pale wife does not have enough nature power for you,that's why YOU CAME TO ME.I don't want anything getting in the way of me training YOU...So she MUST GO...IAM the evil black homewrecker you have been seeking. Now click the link below for my Interracial Domination store,BUY this clip & start your training.

                                 DESTROYING A WHITE BOY'S Marriage  

All Praises To Empress Licia

Friday, July 1, 2016

New CUCKOLD In Training

My newest cuckold is servant Jordan ..this small dick white boy is also currently locked up in chastity with no way to get out,because of course I have the key..he's been serving me via phone & cam for about 3 months now with no sexual release at all since he became owned by me..Right before I locked him up ..he was just serving as a regular online cuckold,He loves spoiling me .and likes to make sure I look great whenever I go out on dates with my man..but in truthfully I think he loves spoiling my man even more..He has sent me a couple thousand dollars in gift cards alone just for him,and that's not even including what he sent me..My man does not interact with me period in my sessions..It's not his thing..and he will not do it , hes very financially secure himself and has what he needs..I told my servant this but this loser still begged to send him gifts saids It turns him on to GIVE and work hard for a black dominant couple..Yes he should GIVE but I will not allow him to get aroused by serving so I decided to put him through my chastity training..I told him he does not deserve pleasure & he will not gain pleasure by serving me.His purpose is only to serve as a chastity cuckold while getting used ..abused  & humiliated FOR MY PLEASURE ONLY. My servant
 has a very high paying job which  allows him to work from home..which makes it even better for me because now I can make him suffer even  more by keeping him confined to his home solely working for me and checking in with me at the specific times that I gave him..I got him so well trained that hes actually starting to enjoy being locked up & confined at home.He's not allowed to do anything or go anywhere without asking me first...So yeah now hes really into the confinement fetish and wants to be locked up in a cage now lol. He's fully trained,tamed & confined with no pleasure period.He checks in when told to do so & knows that his purpose will always be to amuse me  & be useful to me as my dumb white cuckold.This loser really can't even think for himself  anymore..Which shows that my training skills are phenomenal who's next?

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Taking It ALL ..Slave Money Mind Control

Any & everything.. is what your gonna DO FOR ME servant. Whatever I seek, Whatever I visualize you doing is exactly what you will be doing.I enjoy the weakness you feel when I TAKE & spend your money

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Monday, May 30, 2016

Welcome To The Realm Of Empress Licia

For all the new servants who wishes to be apart of my life..COME FORTH & prove your worthiness,bow before your superior Empress & show me that you are indeed a true submissive.
And just so you know I will use every single fetish that you have against you..teasing you,haunting you..controlling you..manipulating you  ...yes all of this just to gain benefits in the realm of Empress Licia...using your weak ass to get exactly what I want..As a lifestyle Empress of Power..My full of slaves,sluts,sissys & losers like YOU CRAVING to be used ,tortured & humiliated..Your gonna be next & your gonna BE ADDICTED..I wanna make you look stupid & feel stupid, putting you  always in distress & agony.Indeed, you will be treated like the pathetic minion that you are..It truly turns me on to use servants for my gains because this is never be about you,It's always about me..You are here for me ..To serve ,WORSHIP,praise & SPOIL, those are your only jobs. .I am just gonna do with you, whatever I want,and your just gonna take all the humiliation & abuse I give & be grateful for it...I'm gonna take you to different depths of submission with my powerful energy and unseen humiliation tactics.As you read this now it's reminding you that you are  a disgrace & a fucking disappointment.In your mind degradation is your only way out,the only way  to  real happiness..I am your guidance..I am your light..I shall free you from all the bullshit of the mundane world..slaving for me will put your mind at ease..It's something you truly need in your life right now...To SERVE.. to GIVE.. to LOSE ALL CONTROL..Giving your life &  devoting your life to me.A slave of mines you shall be..I am she ..Ebony Empress from Hell .... Goddess Of  Pleasure,Torture & Gain.