Friday, November 21, 2014

Confined Too Your Highness.................Confinement Isolation Fetish

I bet you like this fetish.huh loser? No one likes you have nowhere to go and nowhere to you might as well be confined to your house..while focusing on worshipping me everyday.The only place you would be allowed to go.. is work..because of course your loser ass will be going to work just too take care of me and even then you will still have to check in with me and let me know when you arrive and when you will check in only during the times that i tell you too.You will never ever be allowed to go anywhere without my consent..You will be confined inside your home..and inside your mind..I may even confine you inside a  fucking loser..because i love to see you suffer in isolation for me..There is nothing else in the outside world for you too indulge in anymore...the only thing that will matter is me..I will be the only one sitting on your mind.
If you truly want too be in this position..I have alot of plans and assignments for you..I'm gonna totally isolate you from the rest of the will become so high off my energy & control that...nothing else will matter ...I'm gonna take your money and put you in confinement...because your lame and you deserve it...with your discusting pale face & deserve to be put away..and locked away a dame animal...I will see too it that you are confined to me

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Praise & Worship My Royal Body ...........Body Worship Fetish

Looking at my powerful aura & body the fuck could you ever even try to resist it.! An ENLIGHTENED ancient royal queen who will control you and make you fall deeper and deeper into submission for me.You will dream of me and become completely obsessed over my body.The  adrenaline you feel when you stare at my legs will become will force you to get on your knees and beg...beg for me to take you as my slave......beg for me to take all your money..from your account too my account..I shall drain you good..oh and you will love it..I will become your natural high.You will barley even get through the day without having contact from me.My body is your god..a royal body with a royal background...just looking at it drives you crazy don't it.You will do anything for this body.It will make you weak .by breaking you down too nothing...putting you in all kinds of debt. I live a life you could only dream of. You fucking wish you were half as smart as me... you dumb slave.My body will control you forever and ever..your purpose is me what i want and making me happy.I can care less about you..your purpose here on Earth is being my servant.There will be no excuses while serving me..none period...If your not providing for this body then you will not have any existance in my reality...Without your money..who would actually talk to you anyway? certaintly not a beautiful woman of my caliber...You know that you are a fucking lowlife ..thats why your reading this right now.You want to worship this need to worship this crave my body.I'm gonna use my beauty..body..and brains to get you for everything you got....Praise & Worship Your Royal Highness

Bust Those Balls For Me......................Ballbusting Fetish

I will never be gentle with you maggots....whatever fetishes that your into..with me you will get the full impact of it all.Are you curious about this fetish or a ballbusting virgin? have you fantasized about this fetish deep inside your subconcious mind? I hope so..because I love when slaves destroy their own balls for me.ahhhhh how'm sure you will learn to love ballbusting while dealing with me.I'm gonna make you strip naked and use one of my special tactics on you.You wont be able to touch your cock at all minion..oh noooo.. only those ugly balls of yours.You will keep busting them until you start crying the loser you are.I want you to feel real pain & humiliation.Don't try to fight something that you truly want..I know you want it..and i know you need it.Being me slave means that you will do anything for me..and busting those balls for me shall give Your Royal Highness great pleasure.You will do this..and anything else i tell you too do,because you cant resist me..I have great power over you...Take those pants off and spread your legs loser boy..I got you now!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Torturing That Cock Gets Me Real Hot!..................CBT Fetish

You are so stupid & weak for me..You would even torture your own cock for me.I'm gonna make your little pink dick throb for days.There wont be anymore orgasms for you slave boy..When i'm done with you..that little ugly dick of yours will barely even work anymore.Come to me boy..come and take this pain...You should be ashamed of yourself pain slut..getting off on..having your cock tortured by a sadistic powerful woman who hates you....but then again women don't desire your itty bitty dick anyways.. so why not let me destroy  it..put it out its misery...there is no use for it and there isent any use for you...the only thing you are good for is your money.loser...If you love me like you say you do...then you will let me destroy that cock..and I'll make sure that you never cum again

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

You Will Pay For The Both Of Us .............Cuckolding Fetish

If you are my slave (who loves me)..then my pleasures will always be the only thing that matters to you.And Big Black Royal King Cocks are one of my are a dumb nasty pathetic loser fag and I'm gonna tell my man king that you want to send him he can make sure that I am want to do any and everything to make sure that I am sexually pleased,you could'nt please me.. if your life and soul depended on it.You pray for a miracle ..that one day you could even see us together in bed..You want to watch him please your highness..knowing that your tiny white dick couldn't even compare..You want to hear my story of how much fun we had when when went out shopping and partying with your credit card.His dick is better than yours..big and sexy.You could never be him..oh but you wish you were in his place..yeah right loser..I wouldnt even let you smell it....You must go out and buy me all kinds of lingerie and sexy gear..just so i can look good for him..not you.. loser.Knowing that i am getting fucked by a real man..makes you wanna blow a load dosent are such a low life nasty idiot pervert..and you will do everything that you are please me and my man.This is the closest that you will ever get too being with for my pleasures and be thankful for it.Praise Your Royal Highness Forever ..with nothing in return.

I'm Gonna Lock It Up & Throw Away The Key................. Chastity Keyholding Fetish

Today you will get a quick lesson in chastity training...For the dumb fags who like to be locked up...Once I lock that ugly cock up..there is no turning back..You better prepare your self properly before you even approach me about this subject..If this is what you truly my slave..then i gonna give it to you...and give it too you good.I will keep you locked up under my strict control.All your sexual desires and urges will be no more...I wont allow you any releases pleasure for me..Once I receive that key in my hand...Your cock becomes my cock..There will be no more getting hard..there will be no more..watching porn...there will be no more cumming for you boy.Being in real control of that cock..also gives me control over your money bitch..I wont ever release you unless you pay a big I mean this so seriously as i say this..I have so many ways of teasing you and making you suffer for my pleasures.When your locked up in despair ..then your mind will become locked ..where is should be..and that is Me! I will never play with you slave...this is real shit...I dont like you anyway..Now Come To Me Fag ..Your gonna get locked up and stay locked up or else your dick will be in real  

Ignore Line For Losers Who Are Afraid To Talk Too Me

You are afraid of my power over you I see...Its ok..I will still drain you & humiliate you,because your nothing.Since you wanna be such a lil bitch..I will give you the option of calling my ignore line..Call & listen to total silence.Your such a little fag.I'm gonna ignore you just for that reason.What a fucking loser! Click below & call

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